Vidya Vikasini English High School started in the year in 1977 in a remote and small hamlet of Gokhivera, East of Vasai on very modest lines but with great aspirations in mind. in a bid and quest for excellence, our school has evolved into a mighty institution of learning, taking ample opportunities of our ever sprawling area and natures bountiful blessings. the Quet for excellence has prompted the management to venture into wider areas of learning and widen the scope of education that V.V.E.H.S.is capable of offering. The result is our offspring in the shape of the JUNIOR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE and more recently the I.C.S.E.School an integral part of V.V.E.H.S. Our campus tells it all how education in all its colorful and varied style exists in a most amazing way. the future has even most unbelievable openings in the ofering. A plan for INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is also taking form.

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Rev. Bro. Paulus Mortiz